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Bloodletting: A Day to Save A Life


"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others". 

A quote by an influential and important leader of Athens during the Athenian Golden Age, Pericles. And Merco moves forward to the second wave of their Centing's Bloodletting activity for this year last June 8, and everyone has witnessed how much they have strongly agreed to this quote as an encouragement to potential blood donors. 




DMIRIE Foundation, in cooperation with DMI Medical Supply Company Incorporated, Department of Health, and Maharlika Charity Foundation Incorporated, is also blessed to have been part of this life-changing pursuit - donating blood, saving lives. The Foundation supports such because we also believe that as part of our social responsibility, we are to always think of the interest of others. Although, donating blood is actually a win-win situation since it doesn't only benefit those who lack blood, but even the donor himself gets the benefit like cleansing, reducing risks of heart diseases and cancer, burning of calories, and many more other health benefits. We all know that whatever happens, it always feels good to have done something nice. In fact, in a matter of one day - there has been a total of 415 bags of blood donated. Truly awesome! 



Of course, the Foundation knows not everyone is comfortable with donating blood, just thinking of that one whole bag of blood to be taken out from one's body through a long needle, so the SPBTS Gospel Singers of Southern Philippines Baptist Theological Seminary, Inc. and One Light Music Orchestra of Davao School for the Blind being the scholars of DMIRIE Foundation Inc. were invited to serenade us for the whole day. 



Another form of support from the Foundation is the free overflowing MX3 Coffee for everyone and giving away to the first 300 qualified blood donors a special MX3 gift pack from DMI Medical Supply Company Incorporated. 


The Foundation will surely not get tired of supporting these drives because of the oneness in mission, to share to everyone that blood saves lives - just as our Savior Jesus Christ has saved us through His own blood too. To God be the glory for this meaningful experience. 

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