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BMS Registration - 2023

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BMS Registration 2023

Online Form - Visayas Area

( For Big & 6 Ft. Category )

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For those who will request for empty boxes, a Php 500.00 cash bond will be collected. It will be deposited back to the participant after their entry submission.

BMS Visayas Area

( For Big & 6 Ft. - Category )

DMI Medical Supply Co., Inc., the maker of MX3 Natural Supplements, extends a warm invitation to all pharmacies, distributors and supermarket partners to join our exciting nationwide Christmas Tree making competition called "AN MXTRAORDINARY CHRISTMAS TREE 2023".

Participants are encourage to craft and submit their collective entries, showcasing their unique interpretation of the ideal Christmas Tree. The challenge involves using empty MX3 boxes as primary and promiment building materials.

DMI Medical Supply Co., Inc. enthusiastically welcomes all eligible individuals to take part in this festive and challenging prelude to Christmas.

Remember to hold on to your empty MX3 Capsules. Coffee, Choco and Tea boxes whenever you make a purchase! You could very well become the celebrated creator of the most radiant and cherished "AN MXTRAORDINARY CHRISTMAS TREE 2023".

Join us in becoming the visionary creators behind this year's remarkable "AN MXTRAORDINARY CHRISTMAS TREE 2023".

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