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MX3 Natural Supplements

MX3 is a Natural Food Supplement verified with Alpha, Beta, and Gamma mangostin from G. Mangostana. It has Pure Natural Xanthones derived from a plant nutrient or a phytonutrient.
The Xanthones in the tropical fruit Garcinia Mangostana have been identified to have incredible scope of potent human health benefits.

This remarkable food supplement created a breakthrough in the Health well-being of every user. The Product created a breakthrough mark for vitality, relief and protection. Its success in the arena of the Philippine Market has attracted to the world. It now permeates in the Portico of the Global Souk.

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MX3 Research & Analysis

MX3 Research & Analysis

These scientific investigations and findings established the superior quality of MX3 products. The company is steadfast in its vision to be the dominant leader in the manufacturing and distribution of affordable, quality and potent fruitaceutical organic products in the country and globally.

Journal Of Aging Research & Clinical Practice

A study made on MX3 Capsule done in America and published in the Journal of Aging Resarch and Clinical Practice. It was concluded that MX3 Capsule helps improve mobility together with a good and healthy diet.

Northfield Laboratories

MX3 Capsule has passed the highest quality control tests of Northfield Laboratories. It was conducted by trained pharmacists and microbiologists. MX3 capsule tested negative for E. coli and salmonella. So let us get rid of our vices, eat healthy and take MX3.

Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc.

A test done for MX3 Capsule by Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc., a research laboratory in Canada, validated that MX3 Capsule contains the 3 types of powerful anti oxidants. These are the alpha, beta and gamma Mangosteen.

Intertek Testing Services Phils. Inc.

In a test done on MX3 Capsule by a research company, Intertek Testing Services Phils. Inc., MX3 Capsule tested negative for the presence of microbes and chemicals like lead and mercury.

MX3 capsule was granted a Certificate of Analysis by Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc. in Ontario, Canada. Result confirmed that Xanthone content of the MX3 capsule exceeded the international standards.

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Why Choose MX3 Product

DMI Medical Supply Co Inc. - the maker and distributor of MX3 has proven its commitment to excellence, is determined to create a breakthrough in Health-Wellness and contributes to the overall welfare of the Filipinos in particular, and the humanity in general. Its core values are anchored in the biblical truths whereby all actions are concluded. The Company believes in Excellence for the ultimate glory of GOD.

For every purchase of MX3 product, a certain amount goes to DMIRIE foundation for charity service.

A global business leader for superior organic health products that contributes wellness to mankind.

To make a business model that advances the Great Commission.

- For Environment Conservation For Environment Conservation

- For Employment Generation provides livelihood opportunities for the local settlers and highly motivated professionals.

- For Educational Transformation share the Truth, show the Life and spread the Goods.

  • G- Godliness: doing every task as a service to God and mankind.
  • R- Result-oriented: achieving high-quality products/performance.
  • E- Excellence: for sustained customer satisfaction.
  • A- Authenticity: genuine product quality.
  • T- Trailblazer: head and not the tail, a forerunner.
  • N- Natural: nature-based derivatives.
  • E- Extraordinary: a testimonial-based promotion.
  • S- Superior: product quality that meets international standards.
  • S- Service-focused: demand-driven and responsive.

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