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My MXtraordinary Life Hoist in New Zealand

My  MXtraordinary Life Hoist in New Zealand

I finished BS Nursing and BS Medical Technology back home in Iloilo. While some would think that having a double degree is quite an achievement already, I dreamt for something more. My prayers were answered when I became a “housemate” in one popular international primetime reality show in the Philippines. The incredible opportunities in Philippine showbiz shift-geared my life by 180 degrees – bringing me to the limelight of commercial endorsements, movies, and game show hosting. But in time, I drove my fame and fortune down the drain. I lived the bachelor’s life to a fault. Soon enough, I felt a disturbing emptiness that signaled me to shift to another gear. Life humbled me back to simplicity.

Amidst all my showbiz learnings, God gifted me with the grace of love. I met the girl of my life, who is now my wife. She’s very down-to-earth, kind, intelligent and of course, very pretty. We decided to live in New Zealand to start a new life and build our new family. I studied healthcare and got my diploma with flying colors. Healthcare job is both tiring and fulfilling. All the physical tending of the patients can be demanding. At the same time, I learned to love them like they’re family.

A precondition to the job is keeping myself healthy. I eat the right food, especially that I have allergies with a few.  And I regularly go to the gym, along with my walking and jogging. Being healthy is also essential in building my own family. My wife and I have been blessed with two wonderful children. I have gained more fulfillment and satisfaction in life’s true, natural and authentic pleasures here in New Zealand. With God at the center of our family, I believe life can only get better for us.

It was my mom who introduced me to MX3. I have been taking MX3 for more than two years now. What I like about MX3 is that it is all-natural and Filipino-made. Knowing that MX3 is true, natural and authentic, as it is made of real mangosteen fruits, is really great. Also, because it is low in sodium, cholesterol-free and fat-free, I have also convinced my wife to take MX3.

Like my healthcare work and my family, I will keep on loving MX3 as I continue to perform a role that’s true, natural and authentic in this reality show we call life.

“Behold, I will bring it health and cure, and I will cure them, and will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth.”- Jeremiah 33:6

Healthcare Assistant
Auckland, New Zealand

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