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Like many of the participants, we do not know the political situation going on at Catalonia, Barcelona at that time. Apparently, the region wanted independence from Spain and they have been holding their own elections. Catalan locals said they are not being allowed separation because they contribute as much as 20% of the country’s income from tourism. We can understand that. The place where a certain terrorist rammed his van on the sidewalk was really crawling with tourists from all over the world. This Fiesta has been a hit or miss in the making because of the recent news of terror attack. But the hand of God prevailed and we had a very peaceful and successful event. The place was a veritable magnet for shopping and tasting the culture.



They came in droves. We didn’t know there are about 150T Filipinos in Spain and almost half of that lives in Catalonia. Initially, we were apprehensive that it was almost 12:00 noon and we have yet to see the queue for the 2:00 pm “Kapamilya Fiesta World” event hosted by ABS CBN. Little did we know that they came by buses from all over the region, speaking fluent Spanish as we eavesdrop in awe and envy.



We are always grateful that MX3 is regularly invited by The Filipino Channel (TFC) with the approval of our DMI Managing Director to shows such as these abroad. Siyempre may kasamang mga celebrities from the Kapamilya network, like the superstar producer Piolo Pascual, the sweet ‘friends’ Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson, the energetic Enchong Dee and my stage partner at that time, the ever funny but truly approachable Pooh. We appreciate the efforts of Mr. Hanz Concepcion in assisting DMI, from helping distribute flyers to ushering the game participants as our way of introducing MX3 to the world. The demands to get hold of our products was astounding. Everyone was talking about how they have to order from relatives all the way back from the Philippines.



They said we were lucky to arrive just in time for summer. This is the place where people go to when it snows in their own regions. It is amazing to see that there is daylight left and the surrounding is bright even at 8:00 in the evening. We were fortunate to have arrived a day earlier to see the sights of the famed city. Mr. Hanz started a journey tracing the footsteps of Dr. Jose Rizal and was awarded the sight of a La Solidaridad plaque and the hotel where our hero stayed. He was a revered physician, writer and engineer promoting the welfare and independence of Filipinos back home. The famed several hundred years old churches was also a common attraction.



There were so many requests for us to sell products on the spot, and inquiries on how to order after hearing MX3’s wonderful health benefits. “Nadinig ko na ang produktong ito!” are the usual comments we hear. “In fact, bumibili nga kami at nagdadala ng several boxes of MX3 pagbalik namin dito from the Philippines.” It’s amazing that when it comes to wellness and preventive health marami talagang Pinoy would choose the original MX3 food supplements.



Wherever Filipinos go, we are always ready for fun and laughter. Pinoy turned Spanish citizens are no exemptions. The players do not have to be coerced and are game. The audience are generous in their applause and appreciative. The Kapamilya stars did their best to entertain through songs, dance and groufie pics. After the comedy monologue by Pooh, he then called to the stage, yours truly to welcome the MX3 gamers acting out Hypertension, Asthma, Kidney Stones, and Arthritis. My explanation to the audience of how each MX3 variant help prevents and assist those suffering from such conditions was highly regarded. It was both educational and fun!



Once again I am honored to be part of the group from Davao as MX3 representatives, headed by the very generous and kind Managing Director, Ms. Gina of DMI Philippines. ABS-CBN Regional has always invited us to participate in the giant network’s events from the USA to EU countries. This has been a good vehicle for us to introduce MX3 to wherever there are Pinoys abroad. Many people have already been taking the different MX3 variants like MX3 500mgs capsule for improving the immune system, MX3 Plus with co Q10 and L-Carnitine for healthy metabolism, MX3 coffee mix, a blend that is non acidic with no sugar added and tastes great, and MX3 Tea which is so economical that 1 teabag can be used for 1 pitcher of water to be enjoyed by the whole family.



Many have copied us but there can only be one original and has undergone extensive scientific research. One that is FDA (BFAD) approved and endorsed by physicians. One who has received numerous awards for quality from Geneva to London. I have always been asked what MX3 stands for and here they are. M stands for mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) a unique fruit abundant in Southern Philippines. X stands for Xanthone, the active ingredient found in the fruit’s pericarp (outer covering) which has wonderful health benefits. The number 3 stands for Alpha, Beta and Gamma nutrients, the components in the fruit which make it one of the best Immune System booster and anti-oxidant. People recognized MX3 from the media exposures and love our products.


DMI will not cease in sharing MX3 products to the participants – all in the spirit of giving back to the people the blessings from the Lord. It was both enjoyable and heart fulfilling to share the gift of knowledge about natural products to those seeking wellness. Adios mi nuevo amigos! To God be all the glory!


Wellness & Integrative Medicine Specialist
Medical Director, DMI

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