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Take MX3 Food Supplement against Illnesses from Volcanic Ash

It’s wise to maintain a food supplement against illnesses from volcanic ash while Taal continues to shake. This is to protect you and your family from infections that volcanic ashes cause to the body. Note that ash from Taal doesn’t carry pure ash or dust. Instead, it brings different minuscule particles that are harmful to the human body, especially on the large amount. Thankfully, MX3 natural food supplement is here to offer you quality protection.


Keeping your Household Safe from Health Risks Volcanic Ash may Cause

Volcanic ash carries minerals directly from the depths of a volcano, which are not usually inhaled by humans. But when a volcano erupts, it brings out such minerals in fragmented forms, including minuscule particles or ashes. Then, such minerals are launched high up into the air, which makes it easier to spread in wide areas. No wonder why volcanic ashes from Taal have reached other parts of CALABARZON, including areas in the NCR. 


Some of the minerals included in the ashfall are silica, sulfur, sulfur dioxide, as well as hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid among many others. These elements cause irritation, infection, and even more severe ailments in the body. Simple irritations may include skin itchiness, eye irritation, and sneezing, among other symptoms whereas serious problems are asthma attacks, cough, chest pain, and even silicosis.


Silicosis is caused by long term inhalation of silica in large amounts. Silica deposits in the respiratory tissues, which in turn causes infection. Death may even happen on advance stages, although it seldom occur because of volcanic ash.


Ashfall is certainly fearsome, primarily because of the illnesses it brings. That makes food supplements against diseases from volcanic ash essential to take during these times. Also, know how to keep your family safe from its threats while the high alert level is still up covering Taal.


Wear Protective Clothing and Gears

This is your first layer of protection against volcanic ash. Prepare protective clothing and safety gear to wear, especially while outdoors. Think of long sleeve shirts, pants, goggles, cap, and N95 mask, among other wearables.


N95 Masks have smaller holes in which volcanic ash cannot penetrate. If you can’t find any, you can make an improvised mask using an ordinary thick shirt or towel.


Be Careful with Food and Water you Consume

Next, be sure there’s no ash with the food and water you take. So, always check tap water first before immediately drinking it, or prefer drinking bottled water. Besides, thoroughly wash raw ingredients with clean water before cooking. When eating processed food such as biscuits, be sure they’re tightly sealed without any holes before opening.


Stay Indoors as much as Possible and Close Doors and Windows

Always stay indoors as much as possible. If you don’t need to go to work or school, for example, don’t go outside. Also, be sure to shut your doors and windows, as well as seal your entire building or home. You shouldn’t let ash come inside your safe home.


Follow Evacuation Procedures

If authorities order for evacuation, follow their command accordingly. Listen for proper procedures, so you’d be safe while going to the nearest evacuation center. Don’t remain at home in such instances.


Take Note of Medications

Prepare food supplements against illnesses from volcanic ash sufficient for your entire family. MX3 will do since it prevents infection from taking place when you accidentally inhale harmful ash. In addition, take note of necessary medication for your families, such as vitamins for kids, or medicine for somebody with existing disease.


Clean Ash accordingly

There’s a proper way to clean volcanic ash, especially those which have fallen on your yard or roof. Damp them first with water, then place them in a suitable container. Don’t sweep them when dry, since it would spread out ash particles. On a side note, consider making a compost bin for volcanic ash—simply put in some worms for the best results.


MX3 to keep you Healthy and Safe from the Dangers Volcanic Ash Bring!

MX3 is undeniably a perfect food supplement against illnesses from volcanic ash available today. It’s a natural food supplement made from the pericarp of mangosteen fruit and proves useful in fighting infection and inflammation, as well as great in boosting body energy. That means it helps in keeping you and your family in good shape despite the volcanic ashes around.


Be sure, however, to follow the tips mentioned above for better safety. And again, always listen to advice and warnings from authorities until the situation stabilizes. Stay safe, everyone!

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