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MXtraordinary Experience in the Emergency Room


For me, working in the emergency room is the most difficult because the trauma of the patients, the stress from that, and then coming to the hospital for the regular nursing job, it’s like working two jobs at once. The best part of it though, is I met my future husband in the same room.

Noel was my colleague in the hospital, and he was always there for me whenever I was down. When I found out that he’s going to be transferred to Germany, I was excited because being a German descent, I was always excited to come.

I was kind of happy to get out of the military because I took a lot of injuries while I was there. I still wanted to keep pursuing the medical field, but as a civilian and not in the army. When I got out, the first thing I did was to find a nursing school that can do hybrid classes online and in person. That’s what I’m doing right now.

Since my husband is going to stay in the army for a while, I must get used to relocations because that’s part of his job. It actually stresses me out even more because starting over again every time requires more effort.

To catch up with everything that’s going on with our lives, I realized that I need to take care of myself more. I’ve been going to the gym like I used to do, I went back to eating healthy food, and I got my husband helping me out stay in shape. Through Noel, I found out about MX3 and he got me started on it.

I was actually amazed by MX3’s effect in my health. As a medical practitioner, it was a relief to find a food supplement that is low in sodium and is cholesterol- and fat-free. With healthy lifestyle and MX3 combined, I feel like I would be able to reach my goals to become a full-pledged nurse.

MX3 is like a laptop for me because it opens a lot of opportunities!


Kaela Ang
Former Combat Medic in US Army
Full-time Nursing Student


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