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MX3 Story Evangeline

Back in the Philippines, I worked in a multinational film distribution business, hobnobbing with celebrities and movers of the movie industry to secure sponsorships. And yet, after years in the limelight, I told myself, “my time here is up.” I needed to move on. Fate brought me here.

As a claims consultant from a non-profit organization in Philadelphia, I help war veterans get their well-deserved pensions. My job is more of a passionate pursuit, assisting these broken casualties of war, and along with the society and the government, help mend their lives back and become whole again.

I should work seven hours a day. But I don’t mind working beyond that. With legal and paper requirements that these veterans have to fulfill, along with justifying their cause, stress becomes quite integral, especially towards the end of the month to beat a deadline. Tension headaches, and body pains can be overwhelming.  And I was diagnosed with three fibroids in my uterus. I was afraid.

Then I got hold of an MX3 from my sister. With proper diet and exercise, I take two capsules a day. Now it helps me more relaxed and calm.

MX3 is my security blanket. It protects and helps in mending me back. I am MXtraordinary.


Claims Consultant
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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