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Being a congressman is almost a 24-7 job. From Monday to Wednesday, committee hearings the whole day; the plenary discussions and debates which can go at length, sometimes, until the wee hours of the morning.  Then I fly to Davao to serve my district in Davao on Thursdays until Saturday. Sunday is a family day. But at times, it can be eaten up by community work.

One bill that I have passed that’s close to my heart is the shepherding of the Public Employment Service Office or the PESO office. It is a job matching program among the youth, aged18-24 years old, who were not able to finish college or only graduated from high school and are currently unemployed, in partnership with different companies. Year on year, I am happy that more and more of our youth are benefitting from it, at 80% success rate. Another bill was the one that President Duterte just signed into law – the free college education law for all state colleges and universities. As the chairman of budget appropriations, thank God I found some funds for this coming school year 2018.

I started drinking MX3 Tea even before serving public office. Along with proper diet and regular exercises, my allergic rhinitis seemed to have minimized. Now, with MX3 capsule, I feel that I have more energy facing my constituents in their communities and barangays, medical missions, and my congress work. And I can still spend quality time with my three children – Karlos Mateo, Kristian Massimo and Katarina Mikaelle; and of course, with my wife Marga.

A public servant’s life is very hectic and stressful. But for every handshake, every tap on my shoulder, every youth who gets proper education and job, and for every bill that I pass into law, it gives me the inspiration and energy to do more.

MX3 is like my guardian angel. In my line of work, I need that kind of protection. It is God sent. And I am proud that MX3 is an indigenous product of my hometown. Thank you for touching the lives of people in Davao and elsewhere in the world. Like them, I am MXtraordinary.


Congressman, First District of Davao City |
Chairman, Committee of Appropriations,
House of Representatives, Philippines

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