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MX3 Travels the World: Sakura in Nagoya

In Japan, the celebration of the cherry blossoms season or more popularly known as the “Sakura” has been a long tradition. Sakura trees have been popular since the 8th century. The centuries-old tradition of hanami, the viewing of cherry blossoms and picnicking beneath them is one of the very best ways to welcome spring.

This is what greeted Team MX3 as it celebrated and bore witness to the cherry blossoms in Japan. As beautiful as the scenery were the eager faces of the crowd in Ikeda Park. The Filipino community was in a celebratory mood as they welcomed Sue Ramirez and Erik Santos. Our Kababayans in Nagoya was delighted to have their Filipino singing idols from the Philippines. It was a good way to remember and reminisce about home through wonderful song renditions. Many of our kababayans have been here for quite sometime and have not been home for years. Some of those who came were also families who took the opportunity to bond and spend quality time.

MX3 also brought to Nagoya a piece of the Philippines through its world class products. The samples and game prizes were abound during the three hour show. The game MX3 Hooray was a crowd favorite. Members of the audience young and the young at heart were all ecstatic to show their agility in this fun game. It drew laughter from the audience and cheers resonated in the park.

During the event, MX3 was able to find MX3 users and was able to mingle with them. It was indeed overwhelming to find MX3 users from all corners of the world. This is an undeniable manifestation that MX3 has been able to bless more and more people. Their testimonies which are real have inspired the company to provide excellent and high quality products for happier, stronger and healthier lives.

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