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Ash Fall Illnesses & MX3

It was a memorable day when we woke up January 13th, Monday, to almost an inch-thick layer of ashes everywhere we looked outside of our windows. PHIVOLCS issued an Alert Level 4, indicating that a hazardous explosive eruption is imminent from the Taal volcano. It was a phreatic eruption from the main crater that spewed ashes to Calabarzon, Metro Manila, parts of Central Luzon and Pangasinan. There were a series of earthquakes and lightning emanating in the sky. People in the surrounding area were covered in mud and reported difficulty breathing. Fear and pandemonium ensued. Hospital emergency rooms were jampacked with children and elderlies anxious and suffering.

It was not a simple ash. It was a combination of sharp crystal-like substances and aerosols, carried in volcanic ash. Some of these include silica, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid. These can cause severe respiratory problems like asthmatic attacks, bouts of coughing, shortness of breath, chest pains, eye irritations and abrasions, and skin allergies. In the long term, this may result in silicosis once deposited in the lungs and even lung cancer.

It is important to avoid and protect against the dangers of volcanic ash. These includes:

  • wear protective clothing
  • wear goggles and appropriate masks
  • drink only ash-free water and wash foods
  • seal buildings
  • those with pre-existing respiratory conditions should stay inside or evacuate
  • wet any dust particles to prevent movement in the air
  • avoid exertion, since heavy breathing leads to deeper inhalation of particles

It is important to follow the medications prescribed by their doctors, like bronchodilators, steam inhalation, and hydration. This is also where MX3, a natural supplement, extracted from the pericarp of mangosteen fruit, can help a lot of people. Studies done in Canada shows it has helped reduce inflammation. It can also help boost the immune system to prevent serious complications. Try MX3 Plus capsule once or twice daily now and feel the difference! For more information, you may text us at 09188888 693. God bless dear readers!

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