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MX3 Public Advisory


The maker of MX3, DMI Medical Supply Co., Inc., would like everyone to be aware that ONLINE SELLING  of all MX3 products is ONLY available  through our official website To this date, DMI has not authorized any other online person, online seller or merchant, or online malls, including popular sites like Shopee or Lazada, to sell MX3 products. If you see MX3 available for selling in these sites, outside of the MX3 official website, their sources are not verifiable from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) licensed distributors, and by DMI Medical Supply Co., Inc.


By buying online through our official MX3 website, DMI can guarantee the MXtraordinary purity, safety and quality of its MX3 products. Unfortunately, DMI cannot do the same guarantee if you do your online buying outside of our official MX3 website.


DMI has made its MX3 products more accessible in reputable community drugstores and retail outlets through its licensed distributors.


MX3 is a registered trademark of DMI Medical Supply Co. Inc. (DMI). The company has a valid License to Operate given by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 


The trademark MX3 is the distinguishing trademark of the MX3 Coffee Mix with Mangosteen Exocarp (Garcinia Mangostana L.); MX3 Mangosteen Tea – Pandan Flavor; MX3 Natural Pure G. Mangostana Xanthone Dietary Supplement Capsule and MX3 Plus Mangosteen Xanthone with L-Carnitine and CoQ10 Dietary Supplement Capsule. 


Under the laws, selling or offering for sale adulterated or misbranded or unauthorized copies of registered health products is a punishable offense by imprisonment from 1 year to 10 years, or a fine of P50,000 to P500,000 or both under R.A. 3720 as amended by R.A. 9711. Unauthorized use of registered trademarks or copies of registered trademarks is also a punishable offense by imprisonment from 2-5 years and fine of P50,000 to P200,000.00 under R.A. 8293.


DMI Medical Supply Co., Inc. has always acted to and served the best interest and safety of its public, this time by offering this public advisory, so no one is misled of and by anything and anyone outside of its officially designated distributors, as authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 


Be MXtraordinary healthy, safe and risk- free.


To God be the Glory!




Head, Sales & Marketing

DMI Medical Supply Co. Inc.

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