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MX3 Testimony: My New MXtraordinary Health Audit


My New MXtraordinary Health Audit

Being the vice president for audit for a top motorcycle company in the country is certainly not an easy ride. I travel to all of our company branches to undertake the many challenges expected of me. I review, discuss and validate reports that are simultaneously and periodically submitted to me. Integrity and thoroughness are two of the founding core of an effective auditor. My position is not the easiest to have in any company as I vet through every report for inconsistencies and correctness of every detail, in keeping with the company quality and ethical standards.

My job is physically demanding as well because of the rigors of traveling, visiting our branches in Visayas and Mindanao for the audit, and then sitting and going through the reports for hours.  Analyzing reports line by line is also straining my eyes at times. On top of all of these, I am also taking up my master’s degree. My plate is full and my life runs on a very fast lane.

I came to know about MX3 when I saw its advertisements on television. I also heard good things about how MX3 is able to affect people’s lives. Interestingly, it was my mother who really prodded me to take MX3. Being the dutiful son that I am, I tried the product. With mindful changes in my diet which mostly consists of fish and vegetables, my life has become really good.

Now, I make sure that my mother and I don’t miss taking MX3 daily. I have also taken the commitment of providing for her the MX3 supplies she needs, as one of my gestures of expressing my gratitude for all her love, sacrifices and good care of me.

To me, MX3 is one great help to audit my, and my mom’s, health and well-being.

AVP for Internal Audit
Davao City, Philippines

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