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Viral Pandemics & Epidemics

Viral Pandemics & Epidemics

access_time Sep. 18, 2020

Not all infectious microorganisms are created equal, with some offending pathogens more vicious and virulent than others. Their classification based on the affected population depends on their transferability and malevolence.

What are MX3 Coins?

What are MX3 Coins?

access_time Aug. 20, 2020

MX3 coins are virtual currency, which can be used to apply as discounts or as full payment to orders made from or from our iOS app.

All About Viruses

All About Viruses

access_time Jul. 2, 2020

This would probably be the most common uttered word this 2020. But people have often misinterpreted and interchanged this word from other microorganisms. Let us delve deeper into their sub-microscopic world.

MXtraordinary Inspiration to Keep Moving Forward

MXtraordinary Inspiration to Keep Moving Forward

access_time Jul. 1, 2020

Working hard every day at my age, my legs began to get weak and it held me back from performing my duties like before. So I began to allot time for walking exercise and a slot for MX3 Capsule in my healthy diet.

The Scourge of Infection in 2020

The Scourge of Infection in 2020

access_time Jun. 19, 2020

This year was totally unprecedented since 1918. The world was surprised, and everything was shut down. The people retreated in their abodes, many cowering in fear.

MX3 Capsule USA Label Certification

MX3 Capsule USA Label Certification

access_time May. 20, 2020

With worldwide distribution, DMI produced new packaging labels, especially for the US Market.  As of today, Sunriser International Group Incorporated located in Union City, California, USA, is the main distributor of MX3 Products for the US Market....

Advisory Concerning COVID-19

Advisory Concerning COVID-19

access_time Mar. 18, 2020

In light of the recent events regarding #COVID19 and in compliance with government directives: You may purchase MX3 products online. We have several online payment options as well as cash on delivery (Philippines). We will also provide free...

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